Jacob and Emilie have been full of excitement during this whole process of adoption, but just recently they have expressed a few concerns.  In one conversation, Emilie and I were talking about her not being the only girl in the house any more.  She said that she thinks it might be hard to share her Daddy.  She then looked me right in the eye and says, “No offense, Mom.  But I don’t think it will be hard to share you”.  That’s my girl, always direct!  :)  But I know how she feels.  When my parents moved our family to the mission, I could easily share my mom–it was my dad whom I became possessive over!  So please pray for us as we bring in a new daughter…especially for Rob, to have the wisdom on how to effectively demonstrate to both his daughters how special  and treasured they are to him.  And even more so to Him.

Jake was watching the video of the kids with me and out of the blue he says to “I think this whole adoption process has been a really good experience”.  This is a direct quote!  Which, of course, made me laugh, because the adoption process has only just begun.  I pray he feels the same way in a year!  But it was great to hear that thus far, it has been a good experience, from his perspective. We did have a great time getting our passports, together as a family, at the post office–and how often does a mom get to write that sentence?  So, I guess I see his point!  :)

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